Your guide to mobile digital TV


The Hauppauge WinTV aero-m is the first dual mode ATSC USB receiver to come to market.  If you’re on the move, you’ll use the ATSC M/H mode.  If you’re stationary, you can use either ATSC M/H or HD.    The aero-m has both a telescoping antenna and a terminal for an aftermarket antenna.  A remote control and antenna cable are included.  We’ll be doing a detailed review very soon.

CES 2011

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OMVC mDTV TechZone CES 2011

OMVC mDTV TechZone CES 2011

The Open Mobile Video Coalition ( sponsored a TechZone at the 2011
Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Jan. 6-9.   The OMVC is working with
TV broadcasters and equipment manufacturers “to accelerate the development and
rollout of mobile DTV products and services” in the US.

Here’s a brief rundown of the booths in the mDTV Techzone.  We’ll be doing in-depth
reviews of many of these products from now till NAB in April.

The Mobile 500 Alliance is an industry group of television broadcasters and their
membership currently covers 92% of US TV households.

Hauppauge Computer Works is the well-known manufacturer of TV receivers for
computers (USB, PC card, and addon board) and they will begin sales of their Aero-M
dual mode USB receiver  (ATSC HD & MH) in January 2011.

Valups is the maker of the very popular Tivizen Wi-Fi streamer and have also
introduced their “30 Pin” receiver for iPhone/iPad and the VMA-1000L1 MH module
for existing display systems.

Cydle displayed their T43A MH and GPS unit, P29A MH handheld tv, i30 iPhone
cradle and MH only USB receiver.

LG displayed the first MH 3D product as well as several handheld TVs and combo
cellphone/MH units.  They are also a major chipset vendor and an M/H co-developer.

DTVinteractive has licensed their Storm MH-only USB receiver to Coby and are
working on a dual mode ATSC receiver.

Winegard displayed their CIOTV handheld/mountable 10.2″ unit and the Automotive MH
receiver module for integration into existing in car entertainment systems.

Crestech displayed their MH-only CT-1000 USB receiver, A/V Box units for
connection to existing entertainment systems and several OEM board level solutions.

iMovee plans to have their Mobeo pocket streamer on the market by mid-2011 as well
as a social media interface for Facebook and Twitter.

MCV – Mobile Content Ventures is another broadcaster coalition formed by Fox,
NBC, Pearl Mobile DTV and Ion. (website appears to be under
development or password restricted at this time)

mDTV’ stands for mobile digital television. If you used a handheld or otherwise portable analog TV before the switch to digital TV in the US you were probably wondering why there weren’t any small digital TVs available for sale. Why wasn’t the so-called free market meeting this demand? Well it’s because the technical specifications for mobile digital TV (ATSC A/153) were still being finalized. You see the “home” version of digital TV (ATSC A/53) is much more sensitive to motion than the analog TV. Under some conditions even a walking pace can disrupt reception of the “home” version of digital TV.

Well happy days will soon be here again. The mobile standard for digital TV has been set, broadcast equipment manufacturers are producing equipment and TV stations are buying and installing it. Consumer electronics companies are making mDTV sets as well as accessory receivers for your cellphone or computer – netbook, laptop or PC. And software companies are working on programs to provide you with an even more enjoyable mobile viewing experience.

There’s a showcase of mDTV content and stations starting inWashington DC later this month.  By Fall and Winter this year we should see a significant number of TV stations broadcasting mDTV channels. And mDTV devices and accessories may be among the hottest holiday gift items for 2010.